We offer a wide range of real estate consulting services to individuals and corporate investors in both residential and commercial real estate investing. We provide objective research, analysis and advising services to our clients in the areas of acquisitions and disposals of real estate assets.


We understand the importance and the development of organization’s most valuable assets- leadership teams, and the individual personnel. Today’s leaders have more responsibility and more of the organization’s success rides on their shoulders. Successfully motivating, coaching and mentoring leaders is often the first and most important step to impacting company performance. At SKL, we help organizations drive greater performance by working with management to improve leadership, teamwork and individual capabilities, nurturing leaders within all levels of the organization. We position ourselves to help expand your team’s ability to identify and design training that address:
●     Organizational Change
●     Leadership Transitions
●     Leadership Development
●     Coaching and Mentoring
●     Self-study and Evaluation
●     Sales and Marketing.

Our Program and Project Management Support Services ensure that every project deliver outputs in alignment with the client's mission. For every project and every program, it is important to ensure performance is measurable in all stages of the program and acquisition life cycle, from planning through execution. SKL works with our clients to ensure apt program planning and execution. We work with our clients all the steps of the way in achieving their corporate mission. We maintain a high level of professionalism in delivering our program and project supports in a timely and efficient manner and within budget. Our broad range of services include:

●   Project management
●   Program support
●   Operations support
●   Organizational development
●   Business process re-design and performance improvement